An outdoor adventure.

Play in your own backyard at Kara in Treeby

You’ll discover tons of family friendly outdoor activities.

An outdoor adventure, a play date with friends or a leisurely afternoon under the sun. You’ll discover tons of family friendly outdoor activities living in the community of Kara in Treeby.

A kids’ job of nagging is never done, especially when it comes to things to do. If you’re like most parents on the weekends, after the sporting commitments and kids birthday parties are done and dusted, they’ll be on your case about, ‘What are we doing now’?

Thankfully, you don’t need to venture far from home to keep them entertained, when you live in the lush green southern suburb of Treeby, less than 25 minutes from the Perth CBD.

From pump tracks to trampolines, climbing towers to kicking goals, here are some of our top family parks and outdoor leisure activities in Treeby.

Hit the track at the local BMX Park

Grab your bikes or your scooters and head to where all the action is on two wheels. The BMX Park is where you’ll find one of the newest junior pump tracks in Perth. It’s here the kids can test their skills and work their way up to the higher curved sections as they become more confident manoeuvring the track.

If your children aren’t brave enough to have a hoon on the track yet, they can ride on the adjacent flat bike track around the playground – complete with traffic signs to get them understanding basic road rules. For the little climbers, there’s also a challenging rope bridge to tackle.

Get climbing at the Adventure Tower Park

It’s hard to miss the imposing 8 metre tower that surrounds the aptly named Adventure Tower Park. Clearly the main attraction, the kids will have a ball conquering their fear of heights – or lack thereof. The adventure tower features a small slide for the littlies and a rope climb that takes you up to the daring twisty slide.

You’ll also find an expansive grassed area with footy posts to keep the older ones entertained. Why not get the whole neighbourhood down for a community scratch match and BBQ afterwards?

Jump around at Trampoline Park Treeby

No need to tell you here what the highlight of Calleya Trampoline Park is. This locale is equipped with all the things kids love about a trip to the park, including a high rope climb with twisty slide, swings, balancing and climbing structures, and of course trampolines!
You can also bring your basketball and shoot some hoops on the funky sport wall that compliments the overall park design.

Live Life Get Active run free fitness classes at the park, which all residents are welcome to take part in. Stay active with boxing, cross training or yoga classes held on various days during the week.

Get fit at Calleya Grandis playground

Just when you thought there’d be no more playgrounds to explore in Treeby, comes Calleya Grandis. The mini tennis court provides a great introduction for kids to the game of tennis and there’s endless activities to keep them entertained. From a sand factory and digger, trampolines, maze play, duo rockers and climbing structures for various ability levels, plus much more!

The adults can get moving on the street workout which includes ladders, dip bars and high bars – perfect for group fitness sessions.

Leisure and outdoor adventures await on your doorstep, when you come home to Kara in Treeby. A thriving community that offers a sense of place and the very best in family friendly activities in a contemporary urban setting. Read more about what life could be like, living in Kara.

Stay in touch with events in Treeby via the Treeby Community Association.

"Family time is at the heart of what we do, and events around Kara are a way of enhancing lifestyle and precious family moments."

Lani Slaughter, President of the Treeby Community Association
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