Discover the New Piara Waters Senior High School


More education options means more choice, and more opportunity, for our children. And the brand new Piara Waters Senior High School is no exception.

So let’s take a look at the newest addition to the education options that surround Kara, and what this means for your children.

Start the new school year in a brand new school

On track to open in 2023 at the start of the school year, the $60 million project is quickly coming to life. 

As part of the McGowan Government's continued investment in public education infrastructure, the construction of the school is slated to occur in two stages. Stage One of the school’s design commenced in April 2021, and its completion will see the first intake of students, with an initial capacity for 750 students and 50 education support students.

Catering for students in Years 7 to 10, its opening in 2023 will see the school’s foundational state-of-the-art facilities come online, including:

  • Student Services
  • And Information Resource Centre
  • Education Support
  • Science laboratories
  • Humanities and Social Science learning areas
  • Food and Technology spaces
  • A well-catered cafeteria

It even provides space for students to exercise and move their bodies, with an AFL/cricket oval, and hard courts for basketball, netball, and tennis.

Stage 2 of the school’s opening plan will see its initial numbers doubled, with the school able to accommodate up to 1500 students.

And Kara is perfectly placed to enable you and your family to take advantage of this exciting new school. Situated squarely in the school’s catchment area (which covers the entire suburb of Treeby, and certain areas of Banjup, Forrestdale, and Oakford), the school is currently accepting intake from all the big local primary schools, including Treeby Primary School, Aspiri Primary School, and Piara Waters Primary.

Access a diverse curriculum

Offering a deep and versatile education, Piara Waters Senior High School combines a rich curriculum with comprehensive support, allowing your children to thrive in whichever avenue they excel at—and you get peace of mind that your childrens’ education is in the best of hands. 

The school’s founding Principal, Carol Daniels, is looking forward to building a culture that chooses respect and strives for excellence in all they do. It’s more than just learning by rote; Piara Waters students get the opportunity to learn and grow in an environment that fosters curiosity, enhances creativity, and boosts critical thinking, equipping students with sound learning skills for success in the future.

And while offering traditional study pathways, the school also provides new and innovative study programs and teaching approaches. Individual support opportunities provide students with a foundation of well-being and education that focuses on the ‘whole child’. 

Discover flexible learning spaces

Piara Waters Senior High School is all about recognising and celebrating diversity, so a range of flexible learning spaces are available, which are designed to enable teachers to personalise their students’ learning. A cutting edge special education support centre can be found on campus, which caters for students with special education needs. It includes a sensory room, therapy room, independent skills rooms, and a multipurpose learning area, ensuring that all students get the opportunity to learn in the way that best suits them.

Make the school drop-off easy for you, too

Located on Southampton Drive, Piara Waters Senior High School is less than a 10-minute drive from your doorstep. In fact, it’s just a three-minute drive to Jandakot Road, and from there it’s a direct run to the high school.

It’s easy to get to work, too, making the morning drop-off a breeze. Sitting just a turnoff away from Wharton Road, you’re then connected to Nicholson Road, providing easy access to the Canning Vale industrial area and beyond.

Be part of the school’s foundation

Piara Waters Senior High School is your chance to help grow the school from the ground up. With an initial commencement grade of Year 7 students in 2023, each following year will add to this growing cohort, until it reaches Year 12 in 2028.

Enrolments are now open for Year 7, 2023. Head to their website to learn more about applying for enrolment, and how your children can have the opportunity to be part of its foundational members.


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