Are you ready to buy a new home?


Are you ready to buy a new home?

Read any newspaper or online article and you will see the WA property market has been the best it has been in a long time for buyers.

With interest rates at all-time lows and amazing offers from land developers and builders, it is a great time to take the plunge, but are you ready?

Below are a series of questions to ask yourself, which may help guide your decision.

1. Your finances are in order

Ideally you want to have a deposit saved – different lenders will have different criteria, but showing a savings plan will definitely help you get a good loan from a lending institution.

A good credit history will also help. So, if you are the type of person to have been on time with paying your bills and credit card debt, you are good to go!

2. You have done your research

Knowing where you want to live and the type of home you are looking for is a great start. However, builders’ reps and sales agents are also great at providing advice on what you can achieve with your budget, so don’t be afraid to start the conversation.

3. You are sick of renting!

We get it. Constant rent inspections, leases which expire and moving all the time – it can be tiring. Whilst a mortgage is a long-term commitment (think 25-30 years), owning your own home means you get on the property ladder and can really put down roots.

Building your own home means you can get the perfect layout and style it exactly how you want too. No more need to put up with those dodgy kitchen tiles or the 70’s wallpaper in the bedrooms.

If you want to know more about building a brand new home in our community, touch base with our team at


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